Facts & Contact

Email me for all orders:

[email protected]

- I accept Paypal, Check, Venmo, cash - IOU's not accepted!

- All items are made in the suburbs of Washington DC and they must be picked up. I don't currently ship.

- All items must be picked up within 2 weeks unless otherwise agreed upon. 

- No refunds on any items. Sorry if you made a bad choice while drunk or excited. (I'm not actually sorry but I am glad you were excited about my stuff! Flags make awesome re-gifts!)

- I will attempt to build and complete all orders within 4 weeks. If you want me to build something elaborate and custom you may have to wait longer. 

- I always appreciate Tags on Facebook, Instagram, and whatever other apps the cool kids use now a days. 

- You want something other than what you see here or a different size? Sweet! Lets work together and see if we can bring your ideas to life.

- I believe in the old school bartering system. if you want to trade for something I build then lets hear what you've got. I don't want your two wheeled trike though.